About Us

About Us

FrescaGreen meets all the Lebanese wholesalers’ mindset.

We supply mega markets in Lebanon with our, clean, super-fresh, Covid-19 tested, and technology controlled products.

We provide four-season vegetable productions for warehouse owners and suppliers.

A Leading Provider of Lebanese Bio Vegetables!

We help in developing the workforce to meet the challenges and help customers get vegetables directly from farm to mouth. All the products are of Lebanese origin.

What we do?

FrescaGreen aims at delivering unique and high quality of vegetables by integrating “Hydrotech” and growing “Smart-Hydroponic” plants appropriately.

Why Choose FrescaGreen?

We deliver Fresh and Green vegetables to guarantee good health for our suppliers and customers. Furthermore, we provide a 24/7 around the year production.

Our Key Features

Explore our Best Green and Fresh products. We are a leading Lebanese company in providing vegetables, directly from farm to mouth. Our highly-developed distribution network helps us reach distributors, wholesalers, mega-markets, supermarkets, restaurants, and the like at the fastest time.

We are also the leaders in using Smart-Hydroponic technology and in producing our delicious round year vegetables. Through our distinguished smart hydroponic tech, we can control the non-stop production and respond to all your orders and needed supplies.

Our Values & Responsibility

We promise to deliver a good quality of experience and service. We are consistent to improve our service delivery at all times.

Through our fresh, green, and tasty foods, wholesalers and supermarkets can keep an increase in their clients’ number by allowing them to easily access various types of homegrown fresh greens.

With our climate control technique in our farms, we can guarantee you an all-season vegetable production.

Reliability & Transparency

FrescaGreen is the greatest solution!

With our professional team’s integrity, we promise our local customers and wholesalers reliability and transparency in our supply chain and all our dealings and transactions.

We, usually, offer clear communication channels with our customers. Customer satisfaction is our first goal!