Technology & Environment


In FrescaGreen, we implement a smart hydroponic approach. Hydroponics is a form of agriculture where crops are grown in a non-traditional environment. Moreover, the hydroponic system allows vertical farming to save space and water.

Our farms are equipped with:

A solar energy infrastructure
Renewable energy
Calculated light and water amounts
Precise Temperature and Nutrient needs

FrescaGreen’s Technology:

A unique set of eco-friendly solutions

We join the two worlds:

Agriculture and technology, to satisfy the needs of all those who are involved in the agricultural field! We use indoor, water-based Smart hydroponic plantation. All our vegetables are naturally grown. Besides, Hydrotech is implemented to monitor, analyze, and act in real-time to target agriculture, the environment, and the client’s needs.

Why Hydroponics?

In FrescaGreen, we adopt a smart hydroculture methodology, which is a method of growing plants and vegetables without using traditional farming methods.

Farming Cycle

In FrescaGreen, we perform the following 8 major steps from seed selection to packaging and delivery.

The following figure will resume the farming cycle:

Environment & Benefits

FrescaGreen uses a leading green tech solution. We grow a wide range of vegetables, to facilitate your food supply process!

We grow pure, fresh, green, and natural vegetables, without using pesticides. Moreover, our wide range of products such as basil, baby rocket, baby kale, baby rocca, baby spinach, and our mixed green boxes, can be used without cleaning. They are ready to eat!

FrescaGreen affords an all-year-round mass production plantation output in an Eco-friendly farm.

We do not waste any drop of water. Besides, water filtering, recycling, solar panels, and renewable energy are used appropriately.

We grow healthy foods in an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Stay safe & savor our very healthy and tasty foods!